The story of Filaga

“Filaga is a memory, a long journey from Sicily to New York”

– Vincenzo, owner of Filaga originally from Sicily –

Filaga is a small village, a borgo, not far from Palermo, the capital of Sicily where Vincenzo used to go to taste and have a great Sicilian pizza.

“It started with a train: a small train on a lonely track in the middle of the countryside; then down to the sea. Each summer I took that train to spend my holidays not far from Palermo: in Filaga.”

Vincenzo, the owner of Filaga originally from Sicily, tells his story: “I do remember Filaga, I really do: a small village full of small houses and many windows. The sun was everywere and in the evening . . . oh! In the evening Filaga magically turned into a crib. All the lights turned on: the streets, the main square, the church. And the windows were always open, as to say, “let’s stay outside!” Old women sat by the door talking about their days and their ailments. Talking about their sons far away.

My friends and I run breathlessy, free and cheerful, spending afternoons out there and eating pizza. It was hot and soft. It smelled of tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil. Skilled hands knead- ed flour and water, laid it down on a marble table and molded it. Once dressed, it was baked, and the miracle happened: its smell run all over the streets and, as kids, we followed it.”

I miss my Filaga, so I brought it here.
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