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From its origins to today: Filaga Pizzeria an Authentic Sicilian Pizza in New York Chelsea Market

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The story of Filaga Pizzeria

History of Filaga: from its origins to the pizzeria in New York at Chelsea Market

Filaga: Memory of the Past

Filaga is a small village, a borgo, not far from Palermo, the capital of Sicily where Vincenzo used to go to taste and have a great Sicilian pizza.
“It started with a train: a small train on a lonely track in the middle of the countryside; then down to the sea. Each summer I took that train to spend my holidays not far from Palermo: in Filaga.”

Filaga Pizzeria - Vincenzo

*Vincenzo’s portrait

Our Founder

Vincenzo, the owner of Filaga originally from Sicily, tells his story: “I do remember Filaga, I really do: a small village full of small houses and many windows. The sun was everywere and in the evening . . . oh!


My friends and I run breathlessy, free and cheerful, spending afternoons out there and eating pizza. It was hot and soft. It smelled of tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil. Skilled hands knead- ed flour and water, laid it down on a marble table and molded it. Once dressed, it was baked, and the miracle happened: its smell run all over the streets and, as kids, we followed it.”

Filaga, an authentic Sicilian Pizzeria

Founded by Sicilian natives, this pizzeria and rosticceria, opened in March 2016,  is inspired by Sicilian style.
The 800 square foot space offers “Pizza al Taglio” (by the square slice), “Pizza ripiena” (stuffed with excellent and flavorful ingredients)and “Pizza Gourmet” (special pizza created by our chefs) before expanding the complete menu with Sicilian rosticceria such as arancini and zeppole.
One of Italy’s most fascinating and interesting regions, Sicily serves as the ultimate inspiration for Filaga, from the name (which is named after a Sicilian small town “Filaga”), food, ingredients, including the logo which is inspired by the great tradition of famous Sicilian hand-worked ceramics.
We offer authentic Sicilian pizza and rosticceria easy to take away or to taste in our location which has 14 seats.


Always looking for the most representative Italian excellence, we carefully choose the raw ingredients to offer great harmonies of flavor. The menu is sober and accurate, strongly traditional and tied to the local product we mainly import from Italy. Our toppings come from the finest ingredients, all carefully sourced, from buffalo mozzarella to the freshest vegetables—quickly charred to seal in all the flavor. We use only Italian Organic Tomatoes for our sauce, freshly crushed and with just a little salt added. Fior di Latte Mozzarella from Italy is our choice of cheese; a beautiful white, clean and fresh cheese that we break by hand every day to insure the perfect texture. Finally, we gently drizzle our pizza with a unique, delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily. You can be sure that all the other ingredients, that will make your pizza a unique, experience are carefully sourced to meet our standards.

*Filaga Palermo, Sicily

Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza was first introduced in the United States by the first Sicilian immigrants. Today it is still a popular pizza, typically a square pizza.
Our Sicilian pizza at Filaga keeps alive the tradition of a rectangular, crunchy and airy interior topped with refined and gourmet ingredients such as prosciutto crudo di Parma, black Tuscany kale, and local, fresh ingredients like vegetables.  Olive oil and flour are imported from Italy as well as mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano.

The heart of Sicily in the heart
of New York

Filaga Pizzeria - Authentic Sicilian Pizza


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