About Us

Nothing but the best Italian Pizza in New York

It is said that Sicilian pizza was first introduced in the United States by the Sicilian immigrants and was characterized by its square shape.

Our pizza at Filaga keeps alive the tradition of a rectangular, crunchy and airy interior pizza topped with refined and gourmet ingredients such as Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, Mozzarella di Bufala, and local, fresh ingredients like vegetables.  Olive oil and flour are imported from Italy as well as Mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano.

We serve tasty Italian Pizza recipes to our guests in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment in the very heart of the famous culinary district of New York: the renown Chelsea Market. We believe that hospitality and quality cooking is a must for a happy and healthy life. With this in mind, we serve our guests a wide range of tasty and original pizza menu, designed with the freshest and highest quality ingredients that are carefully selected by Chef Michael Masera.

We are proud to offer our guests the opportunity to order delivery to their doorsteps or pick-up in store.

With the aim to provide our guests with the very best of Italian cuisine, we are always looking to improve our menu and create more delicious combinations of flavors. At Filaga we are passionate about our food, our staff, our cuisine and the people that love to eat here. Come and experience for yourself the best Italian Pizza experience in Manhattan.

Traditions of Sicily

When developing the brand image, we choose a symbol of Italian excellence, inspired by the great tradition of artistic, hand-worked ceramics.

It is here that the best craftsmanship and the highest harmony between form and color meet. Just like it happens with our pizza: where flavor and inspiration merge. It is a very old story made up of manual skills, time and commitment. The result is something you can enjoy in just one moment: sight fills up with beauty, taste is pleased. We refer to Italian artistic ceramics for the logo, and we commit the details of our location to the Italian craftsmen, from the tableware to the sign.

It is not by chance, indeed, that ceramic artworks date from very ancient times, and items made from hand-worked clay performed a significant role in the everyday lives of past men and women.

Urns and vases were used as important containers and as storage vessels for foods, water, liquids, drugs, and seeds. Nevertheless, the utilitarian purpose for which they were conceived, didn’t prevent them from becoming aesthetic pieces.

The potters are inspired by a general sense of beauty, and merge their forms into an harmonious rhythm, enlightened by the color spectrum with vividness and elegance, ease and welcome. This is what we aim to offer with our brand-identity project, and it’s the kind of experience we aim to offer to our customers everyday.

Our journey to (and from) Filaga is not only made of fragrances and flavors, it is also a journey through tradition and beauty, to relive the fascination of the Land of History and Culture, Genius and Joy of life.