Our Pizza

Filaga Pizzeria New York


INSPIRED by the street food vendors of Italy, we sell high-quality pizza al taglio – by the slice.

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the world and it is also a kind of “traditional fast food”, with very ancient origins. It is something easy to taste and to take away. A highly digestible, lower in calories, classic pizza, easy to eat on-the-go. We love to mix our toppings in order to create delicious traditional pizza flavors as well as delicate and inspiring new ones.

Our classic pizza slices, either square or round, are intended for those who like to have a tasteful snack or a break from work. With plenty of tasteful recipes to choose from, please sit down at the counter and enjoy a great pizza with a soft drink or beer, or take it home after in-store pick-up or online order.

What We Do

AUTHENTICITY is our goal: a myriad of delicacies are featured in the menu. The utter quality of each raw ingredient is at the core of our kitchen.

We celebrate the best flavors by choosing them in full compliance with seasons and according to tradition, which means a century-old technique is utilized with the freshest ingredients and with an eye always toward the environment.

Our pizzas are always designed on a simple base: delicious and authentic, our pizza is made fresh daily. The main components of our pizza are: dough, tomatoes, mozzarella and oil. Our dough is only made of Italian 00 flour, fresh yeast, salt and water. And time. In fact, we mix the dough in small batches using a little known artisan proofing process which can last up to 24 hours. This process achieves a very light, digestible, and flavorful dough. Our flour is directly imported from Italy from stone ground producers, just the way it used to be.