April 12, 2021

Introducing Filaga’s Chef Michael Masera

Meet Michael and his talent at Chelsea Market, right by our Italian Pizza Corner. Learn more about his background below and keep an eye on Michael’s new recipes in our online menu as well as on Filaga Social Media Pages!

Originally from a picturesque villaggio outside of Turin, Italy, Chef Michael Masera was raised in a humble home, surrounded by the beautiful, bountiful countryside. At an early age, Michael learned to appreciate and respect the natural world. He often accompanied friends on hunting trips for wild game and foraged for leafy greens and mushrooms, including truffles. Michael and his friends always shared what Mother Nature gave them. Moreover, they always respected and preserved the integrity and simplicity of each ingredient.

Michael’s early experiences inspired his eagerness to cook, share the flavors of his childhood and eventually attend culinary school to pursue a career as a chef. After working at several apprenticeships and kitchen jobs, including Michelin Star restaurants , Michael tried his hand at making pizza. From the moment he put his hands on pizza dough, pizza making became his passion. While working at different kitchens,

Michael realized that most restaurants’ goals were high profitability over quality of ingredients. This model did not agree with his desire to feed clients with the simple, yet quality ingredients that inspired him to cook from the start.

When Michael had the opportunity to work as a pizzaiolo, his experience reinforced that humble but delicious food takes lots of labor and dedication. Additionally, pizza offered him the opportunity to showcase high quality produce that enhances the pizza flavor while maintaining the quality of the dough.

Michael’s motto is, “don’t change the pizza for what it is, but elevate it by respecting its originality and add the best ingredients nature can provide.” At Filaga, Michael has partnered with owners that share the same philosophy, which has given Michael the ability to offer a large range of the best quality pizza with the respect that pizza deserves.